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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greenway Water Dispensers - A Great Investment

Initially, I thought that buying a water dispenser is quite an easy job. But once I started the search, I realized the complexity... It was my mother, who few days back gave me the responsibility to choose a water dispenser. When I moved into the shop, I was quite confused by the variety present. Initially, I did not get the dispenser, which can please me. Most of them were lacking one or the other required feature. After learning about a lot of products, the salesman introduced me to Greenway Water Dispenser. I found Greenway water dispensers, the most suitable and decided to buy it from the online store as they offer a great discount.

Greenway Countertop Water Dispenser serves, clean cold and hot water. Its unique EZ feature helps in getting hot water in few minutes. EZ technology saves a lot of heat by not reheating the water a number of times. Its semi conductor heating/cooling technology, makes it efficient. This Greenway water dispenser takes very less space. The spill proof bottle holder allows the bottle to be easily held. It can hold up to 3 to 5 gallons of water. This water dispenser is quite safe to be used. To protect any kind of mishandling from children, there are child safety lock which prevent warm water to come out, until the lock is opened. It comes with other certain special features like easy use push buttons, ready to dispense indicator lights, on/off switch for cold water, LED night light and many others. These features make this Greenway water dispenser the most suitable for any household.

You can also go in for Greenway Vitapur full size hot and cold water dispenser. This dispenser gives out cold and hot water. Its high efficiency compressor gives suitable cooling. Within a span of two minutes, it can provide 96 to 98 degrees of hot water. The external heating element on the hot tank does not allow it to corrode. This water dispenser is also preferred by a number of people.

Greenway Water Dispenser
has become my favorite since I started using them. My entire family is completely satisfied with its service. I am sure, they will take no time to be your favorite too.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My favorite- Split Air Conditioner

I recently went to my friend's house. It was very warm that day. As I entered the room, I felt elated in
the air conditioned room. It was a lot more cooler than the normal air conditioned rooms. The first impression of this Split Air conditioner on me, was good one. I thought to discover more about the air conditioner from my friend. At that point of time, I felt that the air conditioner must be new. That could be the reason for its extraordinary performance. The real surprise came, when my friend told that me that her air conditioner was few months old. I decided to get that particular split A.C on that day itself. Since then I have been using the split air conditioner and am fairly satisfied with it.

It is split air conditioner from Amcoraire. This split air conditioner has 9000 BTU power. It covers an area up to 300 square feet. The best part of this split air conditioner is that, it comes with two separate units. One of the streamlined unit is installed inside the room. At the same time the ventilation box is installed outside. These two parts are connected through a small hole. This makes it easy to cool the room by dehumidifying it. It acts as a dehumidifier and an air conditioner, thus serving dual purpose. It is also used for heating in summer.

For bigger rooms, you can go for split air conditioners which cover larger areas. There is one such air conditioner known as Ductless air conditioner from Amcoraire. Its 24000 BTU cooling capacity makes it the most suitable for bigger areas. This refrigerator covers approximately an area of 700 to 1000 square feet. The best part of this air conditioner is that it provides even cooling.

The split air conditioner has a number of other additional features. These include sleep mode operation, timer, 3 speed fans, drain , remote wall bracket and many other things. All these benefits make split air conditioners far better than the normal air conditioners.

I have been using this split air conditioner for a long time now. These are very efficient and cost effective option. Get these split air conditioners for making any place comfortable, during hot summer months.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dehumidifier Brands

In last few days, I found traces of molds and mildews growing in my household. Some of the members experienced problem in breathing too. I thought humidity was the problem and contacted a doctor. He said I was right. The first thing I decided to get was an efficient dehumidifier for solving this problem. My relative suggested to get a good branded dehumidifier for immediate results. Since then I have been using an efficient dehumidifier and it is serving in the best way.

Today there are a number of dehumidifier brands available in the market. The brand name speaks for itself. Amcor and Sunpentown are two well known dehumidifier brands. The dehumidifiers offered by these brands require less maintenance. Sunpentown dehumidifiers are available in compact design, which makes them quite space efficient. Most of these also include auto cut off, which shuts off, when the water is full in the tank. This dehumidifier brand also include units with soft touch control panels. The best part is the elegant design, which together with efficiency makes the perfect combination.

The widely used dehumidifier brands also include Amcor Dehumidifiers. These serve quite efficiently. This dehumidifier brand offers a number of models that are capable to operate at different temperature ranges. Most of them absorb moisture in the internal coil. Afterwards when water condenses, it is collected in an internal bucket. The unit automatically shuts off, when the bucket is full. You can go for those dehumidifiers that have continuous drainage facility. As it helps in easy cleaning. Some of Amcor dehumidifiers are also available with options of continuous dehumidifying and humidity settings too. They have retractable lifting handle. This helps to carry them easily. Most of these also include time delay auto protection. Soft touch electronic control panel adds to the best features. Most of Amcor dehumidifiers have casters present, which allow them to be carried to any place. They work quietly without causing any noise. Being UL approved, these dehumidifiers are even more preferred by all.

You can check out one of the unit from our range of dehumidifier brands available. Get one today!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Table Fan - For Instant Cool Air

One thing you would seek in a hot and humid weather is a source of cool air that dries your sweat. This is where table fans and ceiling fans find utmost importance. I personally prefer table fans over the ceiling fans, the main reason being their portability. Another important reason why I prefer table fan is that you can sit closer to them when you are really drenched in sweat and want to dry up. This is one of the most common experiences of a sportsman, especially for those playing high-activity games like tennis, soccer, or football.

Table fans are available in different varieties and price ranges. Every table fan model has its own set of features that distinguish and set it apart from others. Table fans vary on their speed of operation, the voltage they need to work, the power they consume, the length of the fan blades, the weight of the fan, and so on. Apart from these features, the brand of the table fan is also important. A reliable brand would mean good performance and longevity of the fan.

If you want a comfortable purchase of table fans, you may visit These guys have some of the most elegant and high performance table fans in their online store. I have recently bought two table fans for my use, one for my business use and another for home. I would advice you to choose a table fan that is not only effective, but is also beautiful to look at. This is because table fans have a lot of effect on the decor of the room. Choose a big table fan, only if the room is big. These fans look best on side tables. For small rooms, however, small table fans are the best. The big ones would add a lot of clutter to the small room. is an excellent store where you can find a variety of table fans. Check out their range of table fans for a unit that best suits your requirements. And don't forget to match the color and design of the table fan to your room decor!
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Amcor Air Purifier

Sometimes we experience a desire to sit quietly and relax in home. Even a little noise can proved to be very irritating. At times I have tried but something or the other disrupts my thoughts and specially my air purifier... makes an irritating sound when everything is calm. So I decided to go in for a new air purifier by Amcor. I have heard a lot about them.

When I visited the Airwater. Biz Store, I really liked Amcor Air Purifier AM-90. This model of air purifier is equipped with HEPA filter and electronic control. The noise level of Amcor Air Purifier AM -90 is less than 50 Db and proved to be perfect for my home without defying the tranquility.

Beside this Amcor Air Purifier AM-90 has an ionization output of 2.5 trillion negative ions per second. Ideal for use in large areas, this model of air purifier has a washable air filter, which can be for three years under normal environmental conditions The filter it uses is washable, and it is good for at least eight washes., the online store I have ordered the product from, offers the product with a one year limited warranty by the manufacturer. One more attractive feature of this air purifier is that its ozone level is much lower than the UL-safety standards. The air purifier unit has adjustable fan speed and a back LCD screen.

There are also some other good models of air purifiers in Airwater.Biz Storethat you can select from. Amcor Air Purifier AM-12 is another attractive model. This plug-in air purifier with night light and ionic electrostatic filter is known for its user friendliness and beautiful looks. The reliable performance and attractive features, give it an edge over the other air purifiers available. This Amcor air purifier ensures completely dust and pollen-free air air in your home. Even the smallest air-borne particles get collected on the special washable dust collector plate this model has. To know more Amcor Air Purifier, visit the store.

They have the selective range of Amcor Air Purifier that helps you to choose the one that has characteristics that closely meet your requirements.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Water Filter Accessories : Adds Benefits to Your Existing Water Filter

Water filter accessories are basically added to the water filters to enhance their functional efficiency. With the increasing demand of water filters, the demand of water filter accessories is also growing at the same pace. Seeing this, the makers of the water filter accessories have come up with the water filter accessories that can be easily installed to your existing water filter. Some of the popular water filter accessories easily available include discharge pipes, fittings, water filter faucets, filter foam screens, filter media, water guard and bottle to POU conversion kit.

The manufacturers of water filters offer water filter accessories for particular water filter model offered by them. Don't be disheartened... they also have range of water filter accessories that can be used with other models that they are selling. One such water filter accessory is Waterguard from Oasis. It can be used with almost all the models of Oasis water coolers. It is useful in many ways. Some of the advantages of having a water guard are:

* Helps to stop glugging in water filters.
* Does not allow leaks and spills in water filter during bottle change.
* Gives overflow protection to water filter.
* Has check valve within the air filter that reduces flooding due to pinholes or cracks in bottles.

The best part of this water filter accessory is that it safeguards water cooler from dust, bugs and pollen grains. You don't need a professional to install this accessory. Easily it fits all Oasis plastic and stainless steel reservoir coolers, with simple gasket change. Before installing it just check out the Oasis water filter you have. All the new models already have this, while few of the older models have waterguard in black color.

Similarly there are other water filter accessories also available. These include cup dispenser, conversion kits, and many more. All Water Filter Accessories and help in increasing the efficiency of the water filter that you are using. To know more about them visit Air Water. Biz store. The genuine water filter accessories are available here at reasonable rates. Just the extra features to the water filters and make your old water filter competent to the new ones.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser

Thanks to Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser that helped me to get clean and clear drinking water. I have a small room and installing a complete water filtration process is really tedious job. Therefore my friend suggested to buy an elegant looking Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser. I was clueless about it and therefore he suggested to visit Air Water. Biz Store.

There Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispensers are available in compact shapes that helps in installing the unit anywhere. They offer both bottled water dispenser and new range of mini water dispenser. Their compact shape enables the user to install them anywhere. The best thing about their range of water cooler dispenser is that they can dispense water at any temperature desired by the user in different capacities.

I have purchased Oasis BLF1CTHS Water Dispenser. Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser BLF1CTHS was my first preference. The main reason behind it was its attractive features. This unit is available in both white and black color. The unit is easy to operate, and good at providing both cold and hot water with a feature touch of button. It consumes less energy and does not add to the electricity bill. The hot water safety faucet helps to protect mishandling by small children. The one piece drip receptor tray can be lifted out in few seconds.

The BLF1CTHS model can be converted to a bottle less unit with a kit supplied along with it. Adjustable thermostat controls the temperature of cold water quiet effectively. This unit comes in a compact shape that can be installed anywhere. Very easily it can be used as an under wall cabinet or on a counter top. It is capable of dispensing both hot and cold water as and when required. Additionally, it can prepare your coffee, tea, soup or any instant food with the press of a button. To sum up Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser is a wonderful unit that helps to save energy cost and is a great add on to your interior decor. Order Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispensers now!
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