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Friday, May 30, 2008

Vertex POU Water Dispenser for Style and Performance

Water Coolers are something that cannot be ignored, today, with increasing levels of pollution, and high contamination in drinking water. There are many water coolers available, both online and offline. The one type that suits both, households and offices is a POU Water Dispenser.

With the gamut of brands available today, it sometimes becomes difficult to make a choice. However, with a Vertex POU Water Dispenser, you can make the purchase, without a second thought. You can browse through the various types of cooler dispensers and see where you are going to use them and is it easy to use.

The Vertex PWC 500 POU Water Dispenser is equipped with a 2 temperature system and provides pure, filtered water in a jiffy! It looks great and can perfectly match any decor with ease. UL and ETL approved, it features a LED indicator for hot and cold water in the front, safety lock for hot water faucet, adjustable thermostat and a high efficiency sealed compressor. This model uses a 3 stage filtration (optional) process (sediment and 2 carbon filters) to take out all the sediments and odor in the water.

On the other hand, the Vertex PWC 400 POU Water Dispenser can fit under your kitchen cabinets and has a 2 temperature system. They give both hot and cold water, at an optimum temperature. It is only 16 inches in height and features an LED indicator for a tank in the front, a high efficiency compressor and an on/off switch to control hot and cold functions. ETL and UL approved, it also has a built in moisture sensor which shuts off water if there is any leaking.

There are many more, stylish and efficient Vertex POU Water Dispensers to choose from. Browse the AirWater.Biz store to get some great deals on these POU Water Dispensers.

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