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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Air Purifier - For Clean Air

There are many things, which can affect our lives in many ways. Sometimes we are not aware of their benefits. When we get them, then we realize “ why didn't I think of getting this product before”?
I had gone through a similar experience few months back. This happened when I got an air purifier for my house. I purchased it, because of my mother's insistence. She was consistently saying, that she required an air purifier for the house. Without asking any questions I got the HEPA air purifier. Now I wish I would have done this before.

Air purifiers are one of the urgent requirements for any household. I got Sunpentown Air Purifier. It purifies up to 350 square feet of area. This air purifier has dual motor, that is used as HEPA Filter, activated Carbon filter and ionizer. These help in making the space free from harmful particles and odors. HEPA filter removes 99% of dust, spores and pet dander. The activated carbon filter removes 99% of virus, pollen and bacteria. This air purifier is ETL approved unit and has convenient access filter, which allows you to replace it anytime you want. There is eight hours timer for easy handling. This purifier is energy efficient and most exciting thing is it does not resulted in considerable hike of my home electricity bill.

These air purifiers are worthwhile for every household. Use them and experience serenity in the household. I have been using it and recommend it to all.
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