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Friday, June 6, 2008

HEPA Air Purifier - For Clean Air

The use of HEPA Air Purifiers ensures that you breathe clean air. Clean air not only keeps us healthy by preventing microbial infection, they also protect us from allergies that can occur due to dust, pollen or some other air pollutants. I recently bought the Magic Clean Dual Motor HEPA Air Cleaner AC-1220 Sunpentown HEPA Air Purifier model, for my home and it gives me a hassle-free performance. My kids are fall ill less frequently than they used to, before we installed the system.

The AC-1220 is HEPA Air Purifier with dual motor and ionizer. It purifies a 320 sq.ft. area room easily and quickly. The air is purified through a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and an ionizer that cleans the air of its harmful particles and odors. HEPA filter is capable of purifying the air from 99.97 % dust, pet dander and anthrax spores. This ETL Approved HEPA Air Purifier has four fan speeds to choose from, according to your convenience. I am presently using it at our home, and we are planning at our office to install the same. There are discussions still going on regarding this, but I think we will soon decide to have a HEPA Air Purifier installed at our office. You can visit for more information about available HEPA Air Purifiers.

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