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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Humidifiers- Cost Effective Way Of Improving Your Health

I remember when my kids used to complain of cough and dry skin, and they were sure it was because of the dust mites in their room. For cough however, I gave them cough syrups, and applied moisturizers on their skin. The problem yet remained. I wondered how it has started and now what to do? Neither is our maid too good to do the cleaning job as it was half-heartedly done. Once my mom visited our place and we together cleaned the room. But of no use. The problem persisted...

Finally, my mother suggested that a humidifier might work for them. Bingo! A humidifier! I was already planning to get that. I switched my system on, and ordered for a humidifier from a leading store. For my kids, I got a cute piggy styled humidifier Sunpentown Humidifiers - Pig Ultrasonic Humidifier - 1 Gallon – SU-3751. With this I went ahead to purchased a another humidifier. And guess that, my sweetheart was so happy to see the pink pig humidifier that she mistook it as a toy! And for my room, I got a Sunpentown SU-1051P Mini Portable Humidifier of 240V / 60Hz electricity. This humidifier offers a quiet operation and is UL approved.

Both the Humidifiers, suggested by the (a pretty good retailer of all the) customer care representatives, are working in an excellent condition! It worked wonders in a room like ours that has most of the time its AC on. I was even suggesting Edward to buy one for his office cabin and work place.
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