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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water Filters for Crystal Clear Water

Pure drinking water is a necessity. It helps us stay healthy and free from various water borne diseases. The easiest way to get pure water at home and workplaces is a water filter.

There are various types of water filters available in the market. These include:-

Refrigerator Water Filters – These water filters are used in refrigerators with water dispensing taps. The water filters are attached to the refrigerator door to get clean drinking water.

Faucet Water Filters – These water filters are directly attached to the tap. Thus, letting you enjoy clean water directly from the tap.

Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filters – These filters are easy to carry and can be easily hooked up to any part of the room. They can also be carried along on journeys.

The different Water Filter brands include Oasis, Greenway, Vertex and many more. The store has a range of water filters to choose from. The Water Filtration Filter from Oasis, for instance, is specially designed for lead removal and cyst reduction. It is for use with Oasis carbon filtration units.

The store also has also has a range of water filter accessories that include carbon prefilters and other filtration systems. The Greenway Water Filtration Unit, for instance, is for use with all filtration unit. Made of styrene acryl nitrille plastic, the unit is durable and contains granulated, activated carbon (GAC) filter that reduces large particulate, chlorine taste and odor to provide pure water.

Browse through the store for more Water Filtration products. Their section on Water Filters has a range of products to choose from.
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