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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Amcor Air Purifier

Sometimes we experience a desire to sit quietly and relax in home. Even a little noise can proved to be very irritating. At times I have tried but something or the other disrupts my thoughts and specially my air purifier... makes an irritating sound when everything is calm. So I decided to go in for a new air purifier by Amcor. I have heard a lot about them.

When I visited the Airwater. Biz Store, I really liked Amcor Air Purifier AM-90. This model of air purifier is equipped with HEPA filter and electronic control. The noise level of Amcor Air Purifier AM -90 is less than 50 Db and proved to be perfect for my home without defying the tranquility.

Beside this Amcor Air Purifier AM-90 has an ionization output of 2.5 trillion negative ions per second. Ideal for use in large areas, this model of air purifier has a washable air filter, which can be for three years under normal environmental conditions The filter it uses is washable, and it is good for at least eight washes., the online store I have ordered the product from, offers the product with a one year limited warranty by the manufacturer. One more attractive feature of this air purifier is that its ozone level is much lower than the UL-safety standards. The air purifier unit has adjustable fan speed and a back LCD screen.

There are also some other good models of air purifiers in Airwater.Biz Storethat you can select from. Amcor Air Purifier AM-12 is another attractive model. This plug-in air purifier with night light and ionic electrostatic filter is known for its user friendliness and beautiful looks. The reliable performance and attractive features, give it an edge over the other air purifiers available. This Amcor air purifier ensures completely dust and pollen-free air air in your home. Even the smallest air-borne particles get collected on the special washable dust collector plate this model has. To know more Amcor Air Purifier, visit the store.

They have the selective range of Amcor Air Purifier that helps you to choose the one that has characteristics that closely meet your requirements.
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