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Friday, July 4, 2008

Amcoraire Duo Air Conditioners

About three months back I have purchased Ductless Split air conditioners from Amcoraire Duo Air Conditioners. This air conditioner has really been one of the best in terms of reliability, quality and customers service. These are few of the reasons for recommending this air conditioner to all my friends who are looking for a new cooling unit.

The multi functional Ductless Split Air Conditioner that I have provides heating, cooling and even dehumidification as per one's requirements. It can be used all the year round. This split air conditioner comes with 18000 BTU cooling/heating capacity and has an impact on area of 500 to 700 square feet. It has a wide temperature range from 19 degrees to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. This split air conditioner comes with two separate units. One of the streamlined unit is installed inside the room and the ventilation box is installed outside.

Dehumidification helps to take the heat out and maintain cooling. The fan also assists in this job. It has adjustable speeds. These can be adjusted accordingly as per your cooling requirements. For regulating the temperature there is thermostat that helps to keep a track of temperature. Hence the temperature can be easily controlled anything from 61 to 88 degrees. This air conditioner comes with additional features like Toshiba compressor, automatic defrost, washable filter screen, drain , remote, timer and wall bracket.

The best part of this Split Air Conditioner is that it comes with installation kit. You can yourself easily get it installed at home. Unlike other air conditioners its maintenance is also quite simple. This air conditioner has a washable filter screen. Wash it once in 6 months and get your split air conditioner ready! This Ductless Split air conditioner comes with five year's warranty on the compressor and 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor.

All these extraordinary features of my Air Conditioner have really pleased me. Now I am quite used to it and the cooling/heating of every other air conditioner seems quite less. Get it installed today and use it all the year round. After all with this, you don't need to get separate heater, air conditioner and dehumidifier for yourself. Ductless Split Air Conditioner gives you the best services of these three alone!
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