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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greenway Water Dispensers - A Great Investment

Initially, I thought that buying a water dispenser is quite an easy job. But once I started the search, I realized the complexity... It was my mother, who few days back gave me the responsibility to choose a water dispenser. When I moved into the shop, I was quite confused by the variety present. Initially, I did not get the dispenser, which can please me. Most of them were lacking one or the other required feature. After learning about a lot of products, the salesman introduced me to Greenway Water Dispenser. I found Greenway water dispensers, the most suitable and decided to buy it from the online store as they offer a great discount.

Greenway Countertop Water Dispenser serves, clean cold and hot water. Its unique EZ feature helps in getting hot water in few minutes. EZ technology saves a lot of heat by not reheating the water a number of times. Its semi conductor heating/cooling technology, makes it efficient. This Greenway water dispenser takes very less space. The spill proof bottle holder allows the bottle to be easily held. It can hold up to 3 to 5 gallons of water. This water dispenser is quite safe to be used. To protect any kind of mishandling from children, there are child safety lock which prevent warm water to come out, until the lock is opened. It comes with other certain special features like easy use push buttons, ready to dispense indicator lights, on/off switch for cold water, LED night light and many others. These features make this Greenway water dispenser the most suitable for any household.

You can also go in for Greenway Vitapur full size hot and cold water dispenser. This dispenser gives out cold and hot water. Its high efficiency compressor gives suitable cooling. Within a span of two minutes, it can provide 96 to 98 degrees of hot water. The external heating element on the hot tank does not allow it to corrode. This water dispenser is also preferred by a number of people.

Greenway Water Dispenser
has become my favorite since I started using them. My entire family is completely satisfied with its service. I am sure, they will take no time to be your favorite too.
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