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Friday, July 18, 2008

Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser

Thanks to Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser that helped me to get clean and clear drinking water. I have a small room and installing a complete water filtration process is really tedious job. Therefore my friend suggested to buy an elegant looking Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser. I was clueless about it and therefore he suggested to visit Air Water. Biz Store.

There Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispensers are available in compact shapes that helps in installing the unit anywhere. They offer both bottled water dispenser and new range of mini water dispenser. Their compact shape enables the user to install them anywhere. The best thing about their range of water cooler dispenser is that they can dispense water at any temperature desired by the user in different capacities.

I have purchased Oasis BLF1CTHS Water Dispenser. Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser BLF1CTHS was my first preference. The main reason behind it was its attractive features. This unit is available in both white and black color. The unit is easy to operate, and good at providing both cold and hot water with a feature touch of button. It consumes less energy and does not add to the electricity bill. The hot water safety faucet helps to protect mishandling by small children. The one piece drip receptor tray can be lifted out in few seconds.

The BLF1CTHS model can be converted to a bottle less unit with a kit supplied along with it. Adjustable thermostat controls the temperature of cold water quiet effectively. This unit comes in a compact shape that can be installed anywhere. Very easily it can be used as an under wall cabinet or on a counter top. It is capable of dispensing both hot and cold water as and when required. Additionally, it can prepare your coffee, tea, soup or any instant food with the press of a button. To sum up Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispenser is a wonderful unit that helps to save energy cost and is a great add on to your interior decor. Order Oasis Hot N Cold Convertible Water Dispensers now!
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