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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer - New Personalized Fans

The Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer is a good cooling equipment. You must be wondering why am I talking about this fan, an unfamiliar one! This is not a new device ... I am sure you have certainly seen it. May be at your friend's place, restaurant, shopping complex, or market area. This fan is no way different than a desk fan or a table fan. You must have placed your table fan in one corner of the room to get cool air throughout the day. It worked on a simple technology similar to any ceiling fan. This Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer is a table fan. This fan has features like:

* Noiseless operation
* Smooth oscillation
* Heavy duty metal housing
* Speed controller
* 3 fan speed
* Negative Ionizer
* Adjustable Head oscillation
* Louver rotation
* 9" fan blade
* ETL listed
* 120V/ 60 Hz

The Oscillating Box Fan with Ionizer have ruled the market. These fans deliver negative ions into the room that help in keeping air in the room. It effectively repels away pollen, dust, smoke particle, pet dander, mold spore, which are usually present in the form of positive ion in the room.

When you browse through you come across the Sunpentown Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer SF-1041. This model is equipped with 9 inches fan blade, an adjustable head, and three fan speed. The SF-1041 fan comes with a head oscillation and louver rotation, which helps evenly distribute negative ion throughout the room. This ionizer attracts positive ion such as pollen, smoke, dust, and many such dust particles. Hence, making the air cleaner. The Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer SF-1041 is ETL approved, which runs effectively on 120 Volts/ 60 Hz. Place this attractive looking Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer in any of room. Further they are also a great addition to any interiors.

The above mentioned Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer is available at the store at attractive prices. So, what are you waiting for? Order this Oscillating Box Fan w/ Ionizer now for attractive discounts.
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