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Monday, July 21, 2008

Water Filter Accessories : Adds Benefits to Your Existing Water Filter

Water filter accessories are basically added to the water filters to enhance their functional efficiency. With the increasing demand of water filters, the demand of water filter accessories is also growing at the same pace. Seeing this, the makers of the water filter accessories have come up with the water filter accessories that can be easily installed to your existing water filter. Some of the popular water filter accessories easily available include discharge pipes, fittings, water filter faucets, filter foam screens, filter media, water guard and bottle to POU conversion kit.

The manufacturers of water filters offer water filter accessories for particular water filter model offered by them. Don't be disheartened... they also have range of water filter accessories that can be used with other models that they are selling. One such water filter accessory is Waterguard from Oasis. It can be used with almost all the models of Oasis water coolers. It is useful in many ways. Some of the advantages of having a water guard are:

* Helps to stop glugging in water filters.
* Does not allow leaks and spills in water filter during bottle change.
* Gives overflow protection to water filter.
* Has check valve within the air filter that reduces flooding due to pinholes or cracks in bottles.

The best part of this water filter accessory is that it safeguards water cooler from dust, bugs and pollen grains. You don't need a professional to install this accessory. Easily it fits all Oasis plastic and stainless steel reservoir coolers, with simple gasket change. Before installing it just check out the Oasis water filter you have. All the new models already have this, while few of the older models have waterguard in black color.

Similarly there are other water filter accessories also available. These include cup dispenser, conversion kits, and many more. All Water Filter Accessories and help in increasing the efficiency of the water filter that you are using. To know more about them visit Air Water. Biz store. The genuine water filter accessories are available here at reasonable rates. Just the extra features to the water filters and make your old water filter competent to the new ones.
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